Confessions of a Closet Anarchist #1

green_anarchy_by_xfenrisulfrx-d5gkwlx“On Anarchy and Individual Responsibility” (working title):

Anarchy does issue a moral injunction to action, as is often assumed, but one which we are able not to take up without an ensuing paralyzing guilt. On the whole, therefore, we may take it up far more often because we do not feel terribly compelled, and compulsion–we know all too well–breeds resistance; and sometimes, as in this case, a “bad” sort of resistance (in the sense of “bad faith”) dialectically related to our natural fear of risky activity. Grasped dialectically, anarchy may help us go beyond both compulsion and resistance, and free us finally to act. In a word, it can get us off our butts, and out a sense of freedom already exercised, and not compulsion pushing us towards a freedom posited in the future.

Final title: “On What I Say When I Feel I’m not Doing Enough and my Sentences are Going on Too Long”

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