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Kind or Clever: Rorty’s Synthesis, Itsuki’s Eyes and Voice

Richard Rorty, the noted American philosopher, took part in a Dutch television series titled “Of Beauty and Consolation.”  In an hour-long interview he revealed various autobiographical details and went far beyond the technical matters which so engulf academics these days. … Continue reading

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Cain did not kill Abel. But he was indeed the precursor of fratricide. The boar cubs he pursued and killed, and into whose warm flesh and bones his unsuited teeth sank, were his kin and close neighbors. Their mother he … Continue reading

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Of Fences and Agony

Save perhaps for those who cut it, and maybe the occasional cat, no one sets foot on this grass lawn.  Ten years ago you could come here to leave the noise of lawnmowers, cars, and crowds behind.  Now it’s a place defined by … Continue reading

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Shards of the Good Life

When the world is broken up And rejects your hungry gaze, What remains are but shards of the good life. To pull at them; to draw them out– Just breathe through them. Let this become the heart of your reasons, Suspended halfway between order … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Unknown: Biopolitics and Bodying the World at the Limits of Intellection (excerpts)

Shot, courtesy of Kath and Kim, at the Animals and Their People animal studies conference in Warsaw, March 14, 2014. Thanks a million to the organizers, above all Anna Barcz and Dorota Łagodzka, for having me and for bringing many … Continue reading

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Worlds Apart? The Unity of Liberation

John Sanbonmatsu, ed. Critical Theory and Animal Liberation, Plymouth, UK: Rowman & Littlefield, 2011. 376 pp. $90, ₤57.95. The review originally published in Humanimalia: a journal of interface human/animal studies, Fall 2011 Animal exploitation is a complex process that plays … Continue reading

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