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Philosophy and Suffering

Writing is always more than an intellectual affair.  If it were only that, it would have an even harder time standing up to charges of superfluity.  To be more than superfluous, it must somehow, through its abstract and in a … Continue reading

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The Polish Fishing Industry’s Clever Campaign

As my dog and I walk the streets of our neighbourhood, I notice a billboard overhead saying “They have no voice, but they add to one’s health”. Accompanied by a photo of a dead fish with what is probably and … Continue reading

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“Antonio Gramsci – Life of a Revolutionary” by Giuseppe Fiori – a review

In 1965 Giuseppe Fiori completed a detailed and exquisitely researched biography of Antonio Gramsci, one of the most brilliant and persevering revolutionaries in the history of socialism. Until recently, I had a strong impression that nobody outside radical circles and … Continue reading

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